Koch Brothers: Spiders At The Center Of A Web

Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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Koch Brothers: Spiders At The Center Of A Web

The Koch brothers, with their $55 billion net worth backing a politics of destruction and greed, are bad enough alone. But they’re also coordinators of a web of corporate and media powers on the far right, as revealed this week by the Center for American Progress. (Link is to Truthout, which has a more readable version of the report)

Charles and David Koch are also even nuttier than we thought, according to the report, aiming to eliminate 90% of government and regulation. It’s worth reading all the way through, right down to the long “guest list” for the Koch’s twice-yearly political action gatherings.

As a Southern Californian, I can’t help focusing on Koch guest Philip Anschutz, the Denver billionaire investor who built Los Angeles’ Staples Center and  LA Live and owns the LA Kings, among other major properties. Anschutz has taken at least tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks from the city, county and other governments and gamed the tax system past the point of legality.

Anschutz’s money-grubbing from Los Angeles taxpayers  is pure corporate welfare. Yet as a pal of the Koch brothers, he wants to kill government and regulation. I guess that’s all OK after Anschutz has gotten his share of the dole.

Anschutz and the Koch brothers put the wealth of multibillionaire candidate Meg Whitman to shame. And now we know, thanks to Think Progress, that they’re working in concert to destroy the system that made them oligarchs.

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