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Arnold’s Hummer vs. kids’ health

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Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Arnold’s Hummer vs. kids’ health

    05-27-09 by dugan

    Is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vanity-green hydrogen fuel project worth the loss of health insurance for thousands of California children? Ah, I didn’t think so, either. Yet Schwarzenegger is out today touting his $14.4 million state subsidy to build seven hydrogen fueling stations for a nonexistent fleet of fuel-cell vehicles that almost no one (except for the governor) can afford. Hydrogen is glamorous, futuristic–and a really poor choice for a "cheaper and cleaner" transportation future. See Consumer Watchdog’s "Road to Cleaner and Cheaper" report for the reasons.

    arnold.pngAt the same time the governor was in Los Angeles cheerleading (per his ‘personal’ Tweet at left) for hydrogen, he was circulating his plan in Sacramento to cut 1 million children of working families from the state’s low-cost child health insurance program to fill a budget hole. Never mind that the state would lose more in federal subsidies than it would gain from slashing the program. It costs the state less than $400 a year to insure a child. So about 35,000 of the kids who are about to lose their health care can thank Schwarzenegger’s $14.4 million Hydrogen Hummer mania for their loss.

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